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Ah Tyson. The bane of Kai's existence. And somewhat unlikely hero of Beyblades. Actually I'm glad it's him and not someone like Kai or Ray 'cause they are way cuter just bein' part of the team. It's hard to say how old Tyson is, but I think he looks about 14.
Tyson lives with his (slightly dippy but very fun) grandfather in a dojo, while his father travels the world studying archaeology (cannot spell that). He learns all kinds of martial arts from his grandfather but also (duh) beyblades, and although something of a novice is actually pretty good. He became part of the bladebreakers after winning tthe Battle Association's tournament. Other than blading Tyson's main passion is food. And don't we all know it. He's funny and a good friend but also très lazy and hot headed. Not to mention stubborn. 'Specially when he's seen a restaurant he likes!!!!!! However he does work hard and learn from his mistakes and apart from anything else provides us with plenty of humor!!!! Admittedly when I first read about Tyson on the net I pictured him as an Ash from Pokemon kinda figure: good but kinda bluffs his way through tournaments but actually I've found Tyson does have a lot of talent, and all his teammates, even Kai can see that. Go Tyson!!! His bitbeast btw is dragoon, the blue dragoon and his speciality is storm attack.

BIT-BEAST: Dragoon (Blue Dragon)
Specialty: Storm Attack

The energetic young hero of this anime. Tyson lives with his grandfather in a beautiful dojo. Although he strives to be a number one Beyblader, Tyson also enjoys Kendo and all martial arts. After winning the Battle association's tournament, he becomes a member of the Bladebreaker's team.