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Yumi Oumura
Hideki Motosuwa
Kaede Kokubunji
Ms. Takako Shimizu
Yumi Ueda
Minoru Kokubunji
Shinbo Hiromu
Mr. Hiroyasu Ueda

Chi Awakens

Hideki Motosuwa's luck hasn't been so good lately: he's failed his college entrance exams, he can only afford a tiny apartment, and he's practically the only person in Tokyo who doesn't own his own persocom. Things seem to be finally looking up for Hideki when he meets the beautiful young apartment building manager Chitose, makes friends with his new next-door neighbor Shinbo, and finds an abandoned persocom sitting in a trash heap. However, owning his own cute girl persocom may not be all it's cracked up to be, especially when she doesn't come with a manual and can only say the word 'Chi.'

Chi Goes Out

Hideki, the new owner of the cute girl persocom Chi, doesn't know a thing about persocoms. Luckily his neighbor Shinbo is a persocom owner and offers to help discover more about Chi. However, when the attempt to analyze Chi causes Shinbo's mobile persocom Sumomo to crash, Hideki ends up having to consult Shinbo's friend, the wealthy young persocom expert Minoru. The visit to Minoru seems to generate more questions than answers; could Chi somehow be related to the legendary 'Chobits', persocoms with free will and real emotions? Perhaps the childlike Chi herself can reveal her past, but she needs to learn more first, and it's up to Hideki to teach her.

Chi Learns

Dwindling finances mean that in addition to attending prep school and teaching Chi about the world, Hideki needs to find a job. After attending prep school with Shinbo and meeting the lovely young schoolteacher Takako, Hideki has a run-in with the cute high school student Yumi. Could Yumi and her family's business, the Japanese pub My Pleasure, be the key to solving Hideki's unemployment woes?

Chi Goes on Errands

Having grown up isolated on a farm, Hideki isn't good with dealing with girls, especially when it comes to something as embarrassing as going to a lingerie shop to buy underwear for Chi. Shinbo has the perfect solution: along with Sumomo as a guide, Chi can go to the shop to buy the underwear herself.

As Chi and Sumomo set off on their shopping expedition in the morning, Hideki can't help but worry. Will Chi and Sumomo make it to the shop to complete their underwear-buying mission or will Chi's childlike curiosity hopelessly sidetrack them? Can Hideki survive the anxiety of sending Chi out into the world with only a petite mobile persocom to guide her?