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Daisuke Niwa


Age: 14
Hair color: Red
Hair length: Short
Eyes: Red
Skin: White
Alter-ego: Dark Mousy
Crush: Risa Harada



Daisuke Niwa (丹羽 大助 Niwa Daisuke?) is the main character of the anime and manga D.N.Angel. Daisuke, in the Japanese version of the anime, is voiced by seiyū Miyu Irino, and the younger version by Tomoko Kaneda. In the English dub he was voiced by the talents of Kevin Corn. In the Wink drama CDs, he's voiced by Soichiro Hoshi.


The 14 year old hero of the story, a typical school boy who has a crush on a girl at his school, Risa Harada. He has inherited the Niwa family's genetic curse whereby, after his 14th birthday, his "love gene" activates: whenever he experiences feelings of love or intimacy, he turns into the phantom thief Dark. Very adorable and kind-hearted, he is the opposite of Dark and is always trying to stop Dark from doing crazy stunts. Later on in the series, he falls in love with the older twin sister, Riku Harada. Even if he doesn't look or act like it, Daisuke is very athletic and perceptive and can jump from heights that a normal boy could never be able to do.He is said to have the 'Blood of Thieves' flowing inside him, the Niwa's. He has daily life-threatening trials from merely entering his home. One of his best skills is his keen ability to pick any kind of mechanical or electronic lock.

Like all other teenagers, Daisuke is feeling the first twinges of love. One of the girls in his class, Risa, has captivated his heart and mind, even though she rejects him on his 14th birthday by saying that he is a really good friend to her. Daisuke had wanted to pass her a love letter declaring his love for her, but after her sentence of "rejection", he gave up the letter, heartbroken. Nevertheless, he tries to gain Risa's affection, only to fail again and again because of Dark. Later on, however, he falls for Riku, Risa's twin sister, and he is now staying with Riku.

The problem is Daisuke changes into Dark whenever he has romantic feelings. Even a picture of Risa (which he carries around) would trigger his emotions causing him to transform into Dark. In the anime, Dark liked Risa because Risa resembles her grandmother, Rika, whom he fell in love with 40 years ago. Risa adored Dark the moment she saw him on television. Of course, this was not good news for Daisuke. But this kid is so awkward that he can't even hold a good conversation.

Daisuke is well liked at school and in his home town. He is good friends with Saehara and Sekimoto, who he is often seen with earlier in the manga. Daisuke resides with his eccentric mother and grandfather, who transform their home into a training ground to prepare Daisuke for his destiny to become Phantom Thief Dark, which is the Niwa fate.

Later on in the series, his father appears as a guide. His father is extremely knowledgeable in magic, and tries to use his knowledge to help Daisuke.

Unlike other teenagers, Daisuke must deal with an inherited family secret. All the males in the Niwa family have a gene that matures on the fourteenth birthday and is activated with feelings of love. For generations, members of his family have transformed into the fabled thief, Phantom Dark. Once Dark has been introduced, Daisuke must share his existence with this darker, legendary aspect of his family tradition.

But the catch is Dark will never go away until Daisuke's "secret maiden" returns his love for him.

His given name, Daisuke (大助) comes from his grandfather's Dai (大) and his father's Suke (助).

In the anime, Daisuke briefly obtains wings by hovering his hand over Wiz's/With's head causing With to turn into a pair of wings. Dark knows growing wings during every mission would hurt Daisuke so he always used Wiz/With. Unfortunately in the last episode, an earthquake happened so suddenly that Riku was about to fall to her death off of the city's fountain, Daisuke jumped after her and caught her. Now both falling, in mid-air he promises he'll protect her. In need of wings, Wiz/With is not there so he pleads to himself "Give me wings!" and wings (same red color as his hair) burst from his back (which apparently was quite painful). However, in seconds his body will not allow him to keep this form, so he turns into Dark. In the manga Daisuke is able to obtain his own wings in a single frame after Risa is kidnapped. As in the anime Daisuke soon turns into Dark, however because the transformation was forced by Daisuke's outrage, Daisuke's body is unable to handle the transformation or the wings and he soon reverts to normal and falls to the earth