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Age: 300+
Hair color: Blonde
Hair length: Long
Eyes: Gold
Skin: White
Real name: Kokuyoku
Alter-ego: Satoshi Hiwatari
Enemy: Dark Mousy

The complete opposite of Dark (Dark's name spelt backwards, even) and also Dark's worst enemy, Krad is the homicidal blond of the series who is the alter-ego of Satoshi Hiwatari. Apparently Daisuke was the reason that Satoshi first transformed into Krad (with Wiz), who absolutely despises Dark and always tries to attack him on sight.

Krad can be called insanely obsessive as he attempts to kill Daisuke after their first encounter because he is very possessive over his host, Satoshi, and does not let him get close to anyone. He affectionately calls him "My everything" or "My Satoshi-sama". Satoshi, however -- like his whole family -- despises Krad. On a side note, despite his claimed affection, Krad does not care whether he hurts Satoshi's body physically by using his wings or using his energy. In Stage 4 (Between the Light and Darkness) Dark says 'if you keep using your power like this, your tamer will die!' and Satoshi says 'No! You'll have to take control of my body some other day!' Thus, if Krad uses enough of his energy, Satoshi would die.

He's both polite and homicidal, using an extremely formal speech pattern. Krad is often seen clad in voluminous robes. At first when he meets Daisuke (in the manga version), he greets him by calling him the Wing Master. He then swats an attacking With off the lighthouse and seizes Daisuke's throat, attempting to strangle him. When he is first seen in the anime version, he addresses Daisuke as Dark and throws an exploding feather at him. He tries to kill both Daisuke and Dark at any chance he gets despite Satoshi's protests. It is unknown what his trigger for transformation is but it has something to do with Satoshi's feelings for Daisuke. Notice that almost every time Krad shows up in the Anime and Manga, Satoshi's glasses fall from his face or he takes them off during an intense amount of pressure or pain. Some believe that removing his glasses is a sign that Krad will show. Even during the middle of the Manga series, Satoshi states he does not even require the glasses in the first place. Satoshi's glasses are believed to be a useful way to counter Krad from coming out.

He often calls Satoshi "Satoshi-sama" ("sama" being Japanese for Master or Lord, the most respectful title possible) or "My everything" showing how extremely possessive he is of his host. He calls him sama because he wants Satoshi to think he cares for him. Then he'll make Satoshi think that and give him his body. Satoshi does not reciprocate his feelings.

  • In the Philippine dub, Krad is known as "Light".
  • Krad is "Dark" spelt backwards. This is another symbol for the two being complete opposites.
  • In the manga, his eyes change from gold to amber to dark blue to light blue; however, the anime remains constant and portrays him with gold eyes.
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