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CowBoy Bebop

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Ed and Ein

  • Name: Vincent Volaju 
  • Birthday:  
  • Home Planet:
  • Age: ??
  • Sign: 
  • Blood Type:
  • Height:
  • Seiyuu: Tsutomu Isobe  
    We don't know much about Vincent yet, other than he is yet another bounty that Spike is chasing after. He is a bio-terrorist, and is has a HUGE price on his head. A woman named Electra is chasing after him also. Vincent kicks ass :) He is a character from the Cowboy Bebop Movie, and does not appear on the TV series. He has a sad, violent past that he can barely remember and he knows he doesn't have much time left in this world between heaven and hell. He is on a mission to take the world with him when he goes. Vincent uses a mysterious virus-type agent that kills anyone within a certain area who comes in contact with it, yet he remains unaffected. Why is that? Ahh the mystery :) Vincent is also an awesome fighter, and is the only person in the entire Bebop universe who can beat Spike at hand-to-hand combat, from what I can tell. (Ed's father might be stronger than Spike as well, but their fight was interrupted before a real outcome could occur, and I don't consider a surprise headbutt to be a legitimate win ^_^) Spike feels some sort of connection to Vincent because of some similarities in their situations in life and outlook on existence.

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