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Battle B-Daman
Li Yong Fa
Yamato Delgado
Wen Yong Fa
Lienna Vincent
Bull Borgnine
Li Yong Fa
Terry McScotty
Gray Michael Vincent
Battle B-daman

The younger brother of Wen he uses seal papers as his calling card. He uses the B-Daman Rekuso which was later upgraded to King Rekuso which can be combined with Bakuso to form BakuRekuso and King BakuRekuso. He and his older brother have been helping Yamato after they left the Shadow Alliance. Later in the series, Enjyu begged Li to help him defeat Marda B. Like Enjyu, Li pretended to work for the Neo Shadow Alliance in order to find Marda B.'s weakness. But certain members did not trust Li's loyalities towards the Neo Shadow Alliance so Marda B. claimed Li's mind giving Li the third eye and erasing all his past memories. Later, Wen tried to save his brother through a B-Dabattle. Luckily, Wen won and therfore restoring Li's memory and purity.

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