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Battle B-Daman
Wen Yong Fa
Yamato Delgado
Wen Yong Fa
Lienna Vincent
Bull Borgnine
Li Yong Fa
Terry McScotty
Gray Michael Vincent
Battle B-daman

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 12 years old
Hair: Brown and long
Eyes: Brown
Status: Shadow Alliance member
Quote: I sure hope there's bathroom up there
Voice: Brad MaDonald
Wen and his little brother, Li, start out as members of the Shadow, an evil group of B-da Players. He and his brother have been B-Daman players all their lives and work extremely well together. They attack in sync and combine their B-Daman for extra power.

Wen has difficulty with authority and must learn to respect the hierarchy of the Shadow Alliance. They soon learn that Ababa and Enjyu are wrong and leave to join Yamato and the gang!

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