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Mmmmmmmmm Ray. Alongside Kai he's just Mr. Kawaii. Ray is actually from China, so I don't know why he's in the team representing Japan. However, I am VERY GLAD he is. I mean look at him, with his great big orange eyes and his long hair and... I'm sorry. I'll stop now.
Ray grew up in a remote village, which was so cut off its inhabitents developed "unique" features. This is why Ray has fangs and his eyes turn to slits when he's angry. Weird? Yep. But I'm not saying its not kawaii.... Ray is another very skilled beyblader and left his remote home to explore the world of beyblading after (for reasons unknown to me) his best friend Lee's grandfather gave him the bitbeast driger, which i think was meant to go to Lee. This led to a split between him and Lee for a while but they eventually made up after fighting each other. Ray can seem overconfident and sometimes misjudges people but he's not afraid to learn from his mistakes and he's actually a very sensitive person and really values friendships. He also loves a challenge. When I first saw Ray it was when he first battled Tyson, and he was all 'there's no point to this no one can match up to me' kinda thing, so I thought he was gonna be like Kai, and when Tyson beat him he would totally flip. But instead when Tyson beat him he was all 'hey you totally deserved it' and was totally nice and made friends with everyone straightaway, Which just shows how lovely a guy Ray is.
Like Tyson, Ray loves food, (although not as much as Tyson!) and definately has no aversion to the female sex... He used to be a member of the White Tigers, a team made up of his childhood friends from his town but left for more experience. Ray's bit beast is Driger (the white tiger) and his speciality is the tiger claw attack.

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