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Ok, so when she first appears Hilary isn't the most loveable character from Beyblade. She's totally dedicated to school and doing what she thinks is right, but she can't just keep this to herself-she has to make other people work too, and this makes her very bossy and kind of mean. But actually Hilary has become one of my favourite characters. She's the only girl in a group of five boys, but she totally holds her own against people. No one is going to compromise her and she stays strong, even bossing the others around. She works hard and stays true to herself. What's nice about her though is that she doesn't stay closed to things. Although at first she's pretty derogatory about Beyblading, she soon becomes a part of it, not wanting to be left out, and works hard to be a part of the team. She helps the others out a lot. I think a good way of showing how Hilary changes as the series progresses is the mater of bitbeasts. At first Hilary doesn't even believe in the existence of Bitbeasts, and when she does only thinks they're stupid and doesn't understand them. She thinks there are more important things in life. School for example. But as she begins to understand the power of the bitbeast she decides she wants to see one too. She refuses to be left out by the others, training with them, and as she begins to believe she finally sees one, saving a Beyblade match for Rei in the process. Hilary isn't someone to be left on the sidelines, she's a force to be reckoned with.
On a cute note, she's always fighting with Tyson, but you can tell she secretly likes him...^^

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