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I could go on and on about Kai all day. Sadly this is not a Kai shrine and I'm sure you don't want Kai-essays thrown at you. ^_^
Kai is the dark, distant loner of the group. He's the team captain and a very talented blader, fighting fast and apparently with a "take no prisoners mentalilty" whatever that means. Unlike the others he blades for family honour, not fun and his quest is to seek out others with bitbeasts.
Kai grew up in a Russian abby which supposedly was only to train students to be master bladers but was actually a plan to take over the world through blading, by having powerful bitbeasts which would absorb all other bitbeasts AND attack people. This was led by Kai's grandfather, Voltaire. Life there was NOT FUN it's because of that Kai is the way he is. *Elle787 grrrrs in anger*. Fortunately at a young age Kai accidently destroyed the abby when he got hold of the mighty black dranzer, which he could not control, and thus had to learn blading the old fashioned way, meeting the rest of the Bladebreakers because of this. Yay!
Basically, Kai was brought up to believe strength, winning and being the ultimate beyblader were the only things important in life (all part of Voltaire's plan to create a strong army of beybladers of course). He's never known anything else-and that is why through most of series 1 he's so cold, doesn't believe in friendship or teamwork or anything-he's been taught it's not what's important. And that's why he betrays his teammates to the power of Black Dranzer-because it's been drilled in him that that's what's important and that's what he truely believes. It's also why he's devasted when his teammates still manage to beat him through sheer teamwork and strength and belief in each other-even the most powerful beyblade cannot compete with that. Everything Kai knows is wrong. But fortunately he realises this and rejoins the team.
Kai doesn't trust anyone, and doesn't like obeying orders and rules. He espcially doesn't like people who don't always take life seriously. I think because he cannot just relax like them. And he does't like Tyson. Or maybe he does but just gets really hacked off at him sometimes... actually no. He doesn't like Tyson. Oh I don't know. Somebody tell me!!!!!
Kai's bitbeast is Dranzer the red phoenix, his speciality offense is fire arrow and his speciality defence is spiral survivor. He used to be a member of the Blade Sharks and for a short while defected from the Bladebreakers to be part of the Demolition Boys, but eventually returned. yay again!

I'm Kai!  Cold, but not too cold!
Kai - Cold and nasty... at least until the end.


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