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Fur color: White
Fur length: Short
Eyes: Red
Owner: Niwa family
Species: Rabbit
Sex: Male
Likes: Daisuke, Strawberries
Hates: Water
He is the family pet of the Niwa family and Dark's familiar, responding to Dark's call no matter where he is and transforming into a black, winged creature that becomes Dark's wings by clinging to his back. He can also perform other transformations, for example impersonating Dark or Daisuke, but isn't very adept at communicating and does not like learning new words. With resembles a hybrid of a dog and a bunny (the closest animal Daisuke could compare it to was a lop-eared rabbit), and it is unknown how old he is. He hates water, can't swim, is afraid of scary movies, and hates Krad. In the English manga translation,"Wizzy" is also know as "Wiz". With also learns to talk, but still says "Daisuki!" instead of Daisuke, which paves the way for many misunderstandings... ("dai" means "big" and "suki" means "like" in Japanese, so "Daisuki" means "really like" or can even mean "love".
Wiz is Daisuke Niwa’s beloved and adorable pet. With transforms into Dark’s wings and is also able to transform into Daisuke Niwa or Dark (although more commonly Daisuke when his feelings causes him to gain Dark's appearance, but with Dark asleep, Daisuke keeps his personality).

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