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Takeshi Saehara

Takeshi Saehara
Age: 14
Hair color: Brown-black
Hair length: Short
Eyes: Brown
Skin: White
Crush: Menou Kurashina for one episode but then Mio Hio.
Personality: A superior little guy who thinks he is a "Lady's Man".
Takeshi has been Daisuke Niwa's best friend for ten years, he serves as comedy relief at times and is the son of Police Inspector Saehara, who pursues Dark under the command of Hiwatari Satoshi. He is very excitable, friendly, rude and irresponisible. He is an enthusiastic reporter or journalist who uses his father's contacts to obtain news. In the manga there have been occasions when Hiwatari has criticised his plans, calling them ineffective. He also likes to dump his work load, such as homework and cleanup duty on Daisuke, so he can get out early to find a good spot to get good shots of Dark. He is also a good cook. In the manga, he criticizes Risa's cooking, and even says that if she feeds all her prepared food to someone who says that her work is fine, she will never improve. This is because he does all the house chores at home (he lives alone with his dad), including cooking
He loves to gather information and do reporting, and he tries to get scoops all the time. Sometimes he gets too wrapped up in his reporting to do his homework, and asks for help by bribing Daisuke with photos of Risa (seen in both volume 1 of the manga and episodes 1 and 9 of the anime) or girls with photos of Dark (anime episode 6 'St White Memories'). When someone else appears in trouble he launches into a plan, which is either stopped or criticised by Satoshi Hiwatari. In one volume, he also fell in love with a girl named Menou, which also happened in episode eight of the anime. A while after he fell in love with Menou Kurashina, Takeshi developed a crush on Mio Hio (despite the fact that she obviously didn't really care for him).

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