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Daiki Niwa

Hair Color: White
Hair Length: Short
Eyes: Brown
Skin: White
Daisuke's grandfather and Emiko's father. Daiki was Dark in 40 years before the series; however, unlike Daisuke, he worked many times without Dark, gained the ability to use wings in human form much sooner, and took the task of stealing during his time as Dark as though it was a job. In his youth, Daiki has bowl-shaped, crimson hair that becomes grey and spikey, like Daisuke's in old age. He appears more in the manga then he does in the anime.

Daiki is Daisuke Niwa’s eccentric grandfather. With the aid of his daughter, Emiko, he prepares Daisuke for his destiny. The last one, before Daisuke, of the Niwa family to transform into Dark. During the Anime, he randomly wanders around town gaining information about Dark's potential targets.

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